Semalt Shares A Top List Of Data Extraction Software

The browser can be used to extract data in an automated manner with the help of a scraping tool. The process is simplified by the extraction tool such that it only requires the user to identify the data fields from which the data is to be extracted the rest is carried out by the extractor. The advantage of the data extraction is that the tools are designed to be operated by users with no technical skills. With the use of a data extraction software, it is possible to extract data from various websites within minutes. There are various web data extraction software that can be useful in scraping web content. Some of the best scraping tools include:

This program is useful in converting PDF documents into a word document. The program uses the solid converter in the creation, conversion, and extraction of PDF documents. The software is capable of functioning properly on almost all Windows program.


This is a free scraping tool that can be accessed from the web. The software can be used to scrap information from websites as well as extracting data. The software is capable of scraping data in quite a number of formats that are structured. The software can scrap contents efficiently and at ease and can be accessed through the web address


This is the leading acceleration platform that can conduct outbound sales which effectively assist in finding leads on Linkedin and other social networks websites. The platform can also find leads on sites such as Crunchbase, Viadeo, and Xing. Information on the site can be obtained by visiting


This is a data extraction toolbar that can be used to collect information from sites and organize the scraped information in the form of table format. The saved information can also be imported into a spreadsheet or a database. Information on data toolbar can be accessed

This site provides services for data extraction and scraping from all websites efficiently and effectively.

This is a platform that provides not only extraction but also analytics and integration. The tool is useful in connection, analyzing and visualization of data from several web services. This includes sensors, smart meters, and Software as a Service applications.

This is a custom-designed search engine that applies the Ficstar software and employs the data mining technology to extract data from the deep web. Ficstar can be customized to fit the needs of any business relative to the nature of the data.

The software is effective in indexing the blog sphere especially weblogs, comments, forums and monitoring mainstream news. The site provides data required for businesses to build their desired applications.

Connotate is a quick and efficient tool for extracting data because it functions under automation principle through Al technology. It also allows for the collection of web data content on a large scale.

This is a software that provides scraping services as well as data extraction. The extracted data is directly fed to the client's database.

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